Jinky Salentes-Pilapil

Ensinadas: 60 horas
Experiência: 6 anos
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My name is Jinky, but you can just call me Inky. I am a master's degree holder and a licensed teacher. I am known to be sweet, friendly and jolly. Because of these personalities that I possess, many people have told me that they feel comfortable when they are talking with me. My patience and passion in teaching are the main reasons why I survived and still are surviving in this industry.

Experiência de Ensino

Three months after I graduated, I already have started working. My first job was with young Korean students. They were here in Cebu for their summer camp class. I have handled conversation and listening classes. After that, I started teaching Koreans online. I also have experienced teaching French and Italian students. Having different kinds of students really helped me understand the various needs of the learners. They may be from different countries, but their desire to be fluent in English is just the same. Their eagerness to improve their English communication skills motivated me to always do my best in order to help them fulfill their desires.



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