Jamel Payabyab

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My name is Jamel Payabyab, I had the chance to teach during my undergrad years, In 2014, we had tutoring programs to teach English and Health education to students of any age. In 2018, I had the chance to work for a Japanese company to teach English as a Second Language, I was also given the opportunity to be trained to handle and teach English to beginner students. Part time, I accept checking essays, written insights and school papers. As a teacher, I am very patient and fun. I try innovative ways to connect to students so they can understand the lesson well. Teaching is a very rewarding profession, and it is something that I would love to do over and over again. It warms my heart to think that I am helping someone to be better and be the best on this field. Let's have fun while learning. I hope to see you soon.



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