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Hi! Thank you for taking the time reading. You can call me Teacher Kirby. I love English ever since I was little. I was even trying to follow good speakers talk so that I could learn from them. That is why I am happy to share my knowledge about English to you. Please feel free to talk with me or even ask questions. I encourage you to speak more. Do not be afraid to make mistakes because that's a good practice especially if you worked hard for it. I am very patient so don't you worry. Let us talk everything under the sun, okay?

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I graduated in Bachelor of Science in Tourism last 2013 and was an officer during my college years. While waiting for the graduation ceremony before, I worked as a Pax Relation Officer and met a lot of different kinds of passengers.After that, I experienced working in a call center agency supporting the famous online company around the world dealing with North American customers. I have been teaching English to different English levels, ages, and nationalities for more than three years. My experiences make me more flexible in every situation I am into.I hope you enjoyed reading. See you in my class.



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