Kristelle Albacete

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I'm enthusiastic and vey flexible. I love talking about travels, movies, music and books. I like talking to different people because I want to listen to their stories and shares my knowledge and opinions. I'm easy to talk with and I'm an out-going person.

Experiência de Ensino

I started working in 2010 as a private tutor to 2 Korean students for 1 year and after that, I was recommended to other students to teach. I taught all the subject books and focused on English language. It was challenging to me at first since I don't have any experience in teaching but as they say experience is the best teacher. As time goes by I continued my career in teaching, I applied to different Academies here in Cebu and I was hired in Cebu International Academy which is an offline school, teaching Korean students from kids to adults this Academy focused on English as Secondary Language (ESL). I taught in that academy for 1 year and when I pursue my studies there was a conflict of schedule. But later in 2015, I applied in an Online ESL Academy which is WEFOS Academy and worked there for 3 years. I taught kids to adults online and business English too. When I graduated last 2018, I decided to work on my profession which is a Marketer and so, I was a Marketing Executive in Laboratory Clinic but I didn't continue my career as Marketer because I couldn't find my self-fulfillment. After that I applied in an ESL Academy again and this time was a graveyard shift I taught students all over the world with different nationalities and I find it happier to teach especially when I can see the growth and improvement of my students. Teaching English gave me a sense of fulfillment in making my students improve their communication skills and this triggers me to pursue my teaching career. I've been studying an Education course to be a License teacher someday. I'm a dedicated and hardworking person, I don't settle for what I have but I continue to aim for a growth and development of myself and I want to share my knowledge in English especially to those people who are dedicated as well to become a natural English speaker.



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