Rose Salvo

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Hi there! My name is Rose. I graduated in 2008 and I have a major in Banking and Finance. My interests are poetry, photography, traveling, watching movies and TV shows. I love to create, explore and make fun memories. Most people find me optimistic, witty and self-motivated. Passion is the fuel that drives me to excel in my chosen craft and teaching English is my passion. Teaching English is rewarding, knowing I get to help other people enhance the way they communicate using the language, gives me a sense of pride. I may not certainly know it, but it could change their life or offer them doors to new experiences and opportunities.

Experiência de Ensino

I have been teaching English online for seven years. In 2010 I had the chance to teach Koreans online via Skype. It was the breakthrough that brought me to seven years of teaching. What a fun and challenging journey! After three years, I wanted to teach English to other nationalities, so I opted to work with a European company that offers English tutorials to people in Switzerland and France. I have taught students at different levels, from low beginner students to advanced. This length of experience is my backup in handling different kinds of students to cater their needs of improvement, know their weaknesses and develop their communication skills. You can join me and let's have fun learning English together!



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